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Feedback from Clients

Melissa Jennings - HR Manager Danone

"Excellent partner for teambuilding workshops and a pleasure to work with!"

Maryl Adler - Global Category Leader Danone

"As an executive coach, Marianne helped me to discover what is driving me as a leader and as a person and to further develop my leadership skills. Marianne is a personable coach with great listening skills. She creates a safe environment for the coaching sessions and never loses track of the agreed coaching objectives. Her approach does require you to reflect on the previous session and to prepare for the next one. This requires some time investment next to the actual coaching sessions, but for me this worked very well. In the end, I gained a lot of insights into my behavior and beliefs and how I can change them in order to be more effective as a leader. This is of course an ongoing journey, but thanks to Marianne, I believe I made a good start"

Joris Toye - General Manager Van der Valk Brussels Airport Hotel

"We have hired Marianne as a coach to improve the individual & group effectiveness of our Management Team. During the High Performance Journey, Marianne guided us through different learning modules such as Lumina Leader and Lumina Spark. As a result our team is more engaged, more focused on a common goal & more empowered. We have developed a better & stronger vision and were able to create a fun & energized environment for the team. The entire team was extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism Marianne prepared & executed all different individual & team sessions. All in a fun & positive atmosphere where each individual talent was emphasized. I would recommend Marianne as a coach for any team looking to increase their effectiveness! It will have a long lasting effect on your company's culture & results!"

Michiel van Vlijmen - Global Business Developer at Actemium

"During a difficult period in life I had the pleasure to be coached by Marianne and without her professional help I wouldn’t be the person that I’m now. Her 100% professional dedication has brought my talents up in me and made me believe in life again. Well done Marianne, thank you"

Timo Hoogeboom - General Manager Mars The Netherlands (now CEO at HAK)

"Marianne has excellently supported our management team as team coach towards a High Performance team. She is a professional, sensitive to individuals and teams. She helps to discuss tention and at the same time she is focussed on concrete objectives. I can wholeheartily recommend Marianne as team coach"

Philip Makkink - Projectmanager financing & fundraising Marker Wadden at Natuurmonumenten

"During the period I worked with Marianne she was a very engaged, pleasant and professional coach. Marianne has the gift to challenge and confront you with your own wishes, competencies and values. The sessions with Marianne really helped me to create a vision on my career development and to actually take steps to get there"

Inge Heijmans - Senior advisor P&O Engie

“Marianne supported me (in her own unique way) during ‘my climbing & searching journey’ in becoming (again) the owner of my life. She helped choosing the right ways for me to confront my stubborn limiting beliefs and change them into new beliefs. Her empathetic and calm way of coaching made that I left the sometimes emotional and confronting sessions with lots of energy. Marianne helped me to experience tranquility and freedom to be strongly focussed. Thank you, Marianne!"

Gerrit Bout - Sr. HR manager Van Lanschot Bankiers

"A workshop of Marianne means 'high quality, inspiration, reflection and above all a good mixture of theory and practice'"

Rian Wijdeveld - HR manager Bakkersland

"Last year I asked Marianne to coach me. During this year she was both a fantastic listener as a tough challenger for me. In our coaching sessions we easily went from difficult topics to bursting in laughter. We had fun exploring and Marianne made it easy for me to take decions. 

I gained lot's of insights on my talents and am looking forward to taking next steps in both my career and personal life. Thanks Marianne!"

Walter van Ruijven - Workforce Flexibility and Recruitment expert

"I joined a workshop on Talent Management delivered by Marianne. I recommend her for her pragmatic approach, experience and ability to find the right mixture of theory, practice and discussion."

Greetje Bron-Knecht - Interim HR Manager

"I highly recommend Marianne for delivering quality training sessions. Marianne can keep her audience interested and entertained effortlessly it seems. I've experienced her as very knowledgeable in the field of people performance management."

Olaf Sleutjes - Managing Director Redumax BV

"Entrepreneurship is like playing top sports! Coaching makes the difference between performing and excelling. Just like in top sports High Performance is a combination of strong developed talents, drive and the right personal coaching. During our coaching journey Marianne’ s integrity, passion and talents helped me to find, to consolidate and to optimise my personal balance and space. I am able to excel my talents by the right personal coaching.

Moos de Fretes - Regional Coordinator Professional Competence Safety Region Brabant South-East

"Marianne has coached me on several occasions, with amazing results for me and for the relationship coach/coachee. Marianne's added value is in four words: reliable, trust, safety and integrity. The basis to reach the 'dot on the horizon', together with Marianne!"

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