Enjoy the Kick of High Performance!

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Enjoy the kick of High Performance!

Are you a leader and would you like to achieve results for yourself or your team which will exceed your expectations as well as give you energy & fun? Then you came to the right place. 

Especially in challenging times creating high performance teams of engaged employees is an excellent way to ensure high productivity, strong financial results, and satisfied customers, all key ingredients to strong return on investment. 

Timo Hoogeboom - General Manager Mars The Netherlands (now CEO at HAK): " As our team coach Marianne has excellently supported our management team towards High Performance (...) I can wholeheartedly recommend Marianne as your team coach.

Melissa Jennings - HR Manager Danone: "Excellent partner for teambuilding workshops and a pleasure to work with!"

See for more info 'Feedback from Clients'.

During my career at Mars I have regularly enjoyed the kick of High Performance, both as an individual and in teams. In that state of mind, I have experienced very high energy levels. Things seem to go without effort ... I was in 'flow' and achieved amazing results together with my colleagues!

My mission as coach is to support leaders and teams to enjoy the kick of High Performance. I believe that challenges in the 'soft areas' in companies are like the break in a car. You can accelerate all you like, you need to stop breaking or the car will not move.

My approach? I am convinced that leaders and teams already have everything they need to be successful. I will support you to grasp these talents & develop them = Hands-on-Talent! Especially for teams I designed 7 Steps towards High Performance (see 'Team Coaching' for more info).

I am looking forward to discussing your challenges with you. Discover how I can support you or your team. Please send an email to marianne.heijneman@hands-on-talent.com and I will contact you as soon as possible. Take care!

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Marianne Heijneman



Hands-on-Talent is a certified service provider for the Flemish KMO Portefeuille for the service training. With this quality standard Flemish small and middle sized companies can receive up til 40% subsidy for training services. Training services like individual leadership development or a team training improving team work effectivity

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